Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This year I wanted to do something special for Mike at Christmas. Since we've been married we've both worked 40+ hour weeks and felt like we didn't have much time to do little things. Now that I'm home with our Little Miss, I have more time available. I've read some ideas for couples to do for Christmas and decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas for my babe. I came up with all 12 ideas based on what Mike would enjoy.
May this inspire you to do something special for your love too. 
1. Box of Andes Mints - One of Mike's FAVORITES during Christmas. He always finds a couple boxes in his stocking.
2. Baby Handprints - I wanted to incorporate something of Kensington in here for him. After all she is our biggest blessing!
3. Date Nights - Living with my parents requires dates nights for us.
4. New Songs - We love downloading new songs from iTunes and Mikes has been buying up quite a few recently to make some crazy good playlists for us.
5. Hours of Gaming - Mike loves his video games, but rarely get to play so I think he'll like this little add in.
6. Cold Beers - do I really need to elaborate?
7. Back Massages - Stressful jobs call for relaxation! This is perfect for our Friday Night Movie Nights and date nights to come.
8. Packets of cocoa - Mike's favorite are Swiss Hot Chocolate with Mocha, great to make at work.
9. Homemade Cookies - I will be making peanut butter cookies with kisses in the middle.
10. (Ten) Dollar Gift card - to Starbucks of course!
11. Love Quotes - Mike has kept a journal full of his favorite quotes since we were in high school. 
12. Kisses - Hershey Kisses and some real ones too!

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  1. Sooooo cute!!!! Definitely stealing some of these ideas for John, hehe. I know you're having a blast gearing up for the holiday season!


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