Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've always been very excited to decorate our children's rooms for the holidays and since we now have our first, I get to finally decorate her room...I couldn't be more thrilled about this!
I like to consider myself a pretty crafty person, but I also like to take A LOT of time on my projects, hence the nursery, our bedroom, our last get the picture. But now that Kensi's nursery is waiting for one final item to arrive, I've been collecting little things here and there to Christmasize (new word maybe) her room.
I won't be putting up any of her decorations until after we get back from our Thanksgiving trip, but here's some of my ideas for her room.

I love all the many different color combinations for Christmas. Blue, Green & White; All White; Red & Green; Red & Gold; Pink, Purple & Green....the options are endless! I also love multi-colored lights because it's so nostalgic. Our tree has red and white lights, but only because the multi-colored lights did not have purple in them and I just couldn't buy them without purple 4 years ago! Luckily now they make them with purple, so I'm sure we'll be replacing our tree lights once we have our own place again.

Please share some of your Christmas decor ideas---we'd love to hear all about them!

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