Saturday, February 16, 2013


Mike is and always has been a Lego freak. I think he may still have his bin of Legos from when he was little, still at his parents house. He loves building with them so much that I have actually gifted them to him for his birthday or Christmas....and I'll admit once we were married I kind of slipped into the Lego frenzy as well....the Harry Potter Legos were just too cool to pass up. 

We always agreed that our children would know what Legos were and would have their own collection to build with and since we had a girl first I told Mike she had to have some girly Legos! Alright, alright I know Legos are small and a HUGE choking hazard! No worried, Kensi hasn't been given any Legos yet....but she did give Mike a set of the Lego Duplo Read & Build Blocks for Christmas, and they are a HUGE hit!
Lego Duplo Read & Build

The Duplo blocks are large and she likes to suck on them, but she can't fit the whole block in her mouth. The smallest piece is about a 1x1 inch in length. These Read & Build sets are very cute because the set includes.....a storybook...duh! But the fun part about the storybook is it shows how to build each little creature. So mommy and daddy can build with Kensi and when she gets older she can look at the pictures and start learning how to follow directions on her own! I LOVE toys that include important skills!

Lego currently has three different sets available: 

They have different Toddler Duplo building sets if you're interested in those as well.

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