Friday, February 15, 2013


I had every intention of sending out our Christmas cards and sending out care packages to friends out of state....yeah that totally didn't happen this year! Whoops! So instead we sent out our love for Valentine's Day. We made our Valentine cards on Shutterfly (gotta love them!) and we sent out care packages too.
We (really me) made double chocolate brownies, heart sugar cookies and mocha chip meringues. I also made coconut bars that didn't turn out at all and ended up tossing the entire tray.
For Kensi's little boyfriend back in MD, she picked out a cute pair of jams (with dad's help because he loves the boy clothes) and packed them with a picture she created just for him.
For our adult friends, whom we miss dearly, we packed up a few Nebraska goodies. A bottle of one of our favorite local wines and a containter of Poppy Cock which is candied popcorn.
I try to package everything in tissue paper to make it cute and very fun. We have a paper shredder and that makes making shredded paper very easy. All I do is throw in whatever color of construction or copy paper I want (newspaper is also fun) and you're done! You can do multiple colors too.
All goodies are wrapped in cellophane or placed in a Ziplock container lined with parchment paper and everything is tied with a bow. We also like to decorate our boxes with stickers sometimes as well.

Now to our Maryland frinds....if you can always send us a bag of Crab chips.....I'm just saying! :) 

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  1. Happy valentines little sweet one!! I love the outfit :) especially all the pom poms how fun!!


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