Thursday, February 28, 2013


To say I'm exhausted doesn't even describe how my husband and I feel right now.

This week has definitely been testing us! Mike has a big assignment for work these next few weeks that require him to work 12+ days.....pure yuck! 
On top of taking care of Kensi and working for my bro, I've been asked to be a vendor for the Fluff show here in Omaha this coming weekend. It's a great opportunity for me to get my name (Cute.Cravings) out there. So I have to get many items (some brand new!!!) ready for Saturday.

Exhausted doesn't even describe how we feel right now....

Kensi was teething on Monday and Tuesday trying to get her second tooth pushed through....thank goodness it finally did! It made working beyond difficult because all she wanted to do was be held by her mama.

Exhausted doesn't even describe how we feel....

Wednesday, she felt much more like herself! Hallelujah......or so I thought! We decided to go to lunch with my mom. I gave her some of my chicken soup which was the first food she really had in two days. Hours later she was throwing up again and again. Completely worn out, dehydrated and hungry she was a complete mess! Only wanting milk made the night hard because she would make her just sick again. She drank her pedialyte, but hunger was the name of the game. 

Exhausted doesn't even.....

The past two nights with her restlessness has put us both into zombie mode. She wasn't happy in our bed because she is a mover and every time she'd bump into us, she'd get upset. But her crib was a no go as was too far away from her milk. Which all in all had her waking up every. 45. minutes!!!!!!

Exhausted doesn't....

I am so thankful and blessed that she's feels better today. She's been happy off and on through all this craziness, but right now she sleeps.....and I'm off to work on Cute.Cravings.


Hoping everyone has a better Friday Eve :)

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