Monday, February 25, 2013


St. Patty's day is so much fun to celebrate. Mike went to school in Missouri and down there, they know how to celebrate the Irish holiday very well. It didn't matter if we were on campus in Rolla or visiting St. was a party wherever we went. Filled with green, glitter, shamrocks, parades and of course green was never a disappointment. Since we've been married and switched gears from school/partying to work/sleep....the Hubster and I do the usual corned beef & cabbage with beer. I don't have any fancy recipe, but would love to try a new one. 
However, when I was teaching we spent each day of March leading up to St. Patrick's day as an opportunity to 'trick' our little preschoolers. Each night a sneaky little leprechaun would visit our classroom and made sure we knew he was there. We would find furniture rearranged, our milk colored green, toys mixed up, mini green footprints made from paint on our floor, decorations displayed or a special snack to enjoy later in the day.

Even though Kensi is still very little, I'm excited for her to enjoy some St. Patty's day fun! 
Here are some great activities to do with your kidlit this St. Patrick's day...

1. Shamrock shaped pancakes (using a cookie cutter)
2. Nibbling on green fruits & veggies (sugar snap peas, avocado, kiwi)
3. Make jiggly green & yellow jello for shamrocks and pots of gold
4. Green mashed potatoes or cauliflower
5. Plant clover or another type of greenery and watch it grow
6. Stamp away with washable paint and a shamrock cookie cutter
7. Paint using a potato as your painting tool
8. Read Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss of any other book about St. Patrick's day
9. Point out different items around the house that are green
10. Listen to Irish music and make up an Irish jig
11. Pull out all their green toys 
12. Go for a walk outside and count how many things you see that are green

We will be sporting our green threads as well, here are some of our favs.

All items can be found at Baby Gap and Gap Kids.

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