Friday, January 3, 2014


We're still unpacking the many boxes we have from moving, but in all the chaos I found some of my favorite recipe books, some I've had for many many years. One of my favorites is Hot Chocolate by Michael Turback. It's a collection of unique and fun hot cocoa recipes and they definitely don't disappoint! 
Tonight we made a s'mores version. I was a little lazy and instead of making the hot cocoa from scratch I used one of our favorite dark chocolate packets. 

I made all the hot cocoa in a large liquid measuring cup and poured about a pinky finger depth into a bowl. I dipped each mug into the hot cocoa and them dipped them into another shallow bowl with crumbled graham crackers. {just like dusting a martini glass}. Then I filled each mug with hot cocoa and topped each cup with marshmallows. If you wish to toast them like we do {you'll get more of the s'mores flavor} you can use a handheld kitchen torch or just a lighter. 
Mmmmm....perfect for cool nights.

Happy Sipping!

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