Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The last month has been pure chaos. We moved into our new house, then flew home to Nebraska for Christmas one week later. After spending a week home, we came back to a mess of a house. It’s all been a little overwhelming. We had a lot of fun spending Christmas in Nebraska; we were able to spend time with my best friend/sister and her awesome fan from AZ. The week flew by, but we were spend a lot of time with family.

My parents were so busy in the last month, they didn’t put the tree up. It was a lot of fun to decorate the tree with our niece and nephews.
A little blurry, but my heart was bursting with happiness as Kensi watched morning cartoons in her jams and slippers on Christmas Eve.
The one and only {not great, a little drowsy} picture of us early Christmas morning. Of course with all the running around, Mike and I failed again to take enough pictures of us. 
Both of Mike’s grandmothers were in town so we took the time for Kensi to make the family sugar cookies. She had sprinkle duty and she took her responsibility very seriously.....every cookie had an abundance of sprinkles :) 

Kensi has a thing for hats and using different things as hats. Her latest trend is wearing her underwear  & swim bottoms on her head...she’s determined to wear them, even to the store :) Let them be little!
Once we got back home in NC we celebrated our own little Christmas. We celebrated Christmas Eve on Friday, December 27th. Kensi sprinkled her reindeer food {we made special arrangements with Santa} and Mike made us delicious Christmas Fettuccine as we curled on the couch in our jams for an array of Christmas movies. Our Christmas morning was perfect for us this year too. Surrounded by open boxes and stuff all over the floor, it didn’t matter as Kensi settled into my lap to open her stocking full her favorite things. We call this year the year of Eos. I found three different ones in my stocking and Mike even found one in his! 

This next year, we plan on staying home for Christmas. I know it will be hard not going home to NE, but I’m excited to be able to do our own Christmas on Christmas and start our family traditions.

We hope you all had the merriest of Christmases this past year!

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