Thursday, January 9, 2014


Wow, I really had no idea how time consuming moving and unpacking in a new house could be. I mean yes we’ve moved four times, but each time it was into an apartment or somewhere that we had to put most of our stuff into storage...this is a whole new game for us.
Each day that I feel I accomplished a big project, ha I find a new box! And it’s not just any box, a box full of know a little something from each room....those are my favorite {not}!
It feels really good to find a home for everything, but I think the best part is purging. We decided to simplify. Our donation pile is growing and growing. It’s mostly filled with things we really don’t use, can’t store or don’t love {more on the subject of shopping to love later}.
We also discovered we have very little furniture for the space we have and the furniture we do have was definitely for a 700 square foot apartment 5 years ago.....our little stamp of a TV is a perfect example of this. I’m very excited because next week is our iKea day and I have been obsessing over the iKea Hacks lately on Pinterest. Lots of DIY projects are in the coming days...YAY!
Now for the empty house tour. I took these on move in day just before the movers came. We have so many ideas for our new home, especially since we did everything very basic....I can barely wait to start these projects!
Front Yard: We do have one tree in the front that got cut off in the photo. I have a new board called {Green Thumb} with many landscaping and gardening ideas. Each week we visit Lowes and Home Depot in hopes some gardening products will be out...we’re getting close! We definitely need color....

Entryway: A great space for a bench or table and some baskets. I do LOVE our door, this was one of the very few upgrades we did that wasn’t structural. No regrets at all!

Dining Room: The ‘designated’ dining room that won’t be....because there’s carpet and it will get ruined if we let a toddler eat on it, we’re going to transform this space into a playroom. We know we’ll spend much of our time downstairs and this is a great space for Kensi.

Powder Bath: This bathroom is in a weird place, right next to the kitchen counter, WHY???? Someday this may be a huge moving it.

Kitchen: The kitchen was hard to go basic on, but the cost was just too high to do what we really wanted with the builder. We chose dark cabinets because the white option was just not good. It was the cabinet with the white veneer that peels thank you. We will change this....white cabinets are definitely in our future. We also have a very empty wall on the left that the peninsula runs along....this will be one of our first projects....faux brick and open shelves! 

Sunroom: This room was a huge selling point. It’s a big space and since we plan on using the ‘dining room’ as a playroom....we’re making our sunroom our dining area. Our little table for four gets swallowed up by the room, so we’re going to build our kitchen table and maybe pair it with eclectic chairs all in one color or possibly a bench....there are endless possibilities!

Family Room: We have so many books, so built in bookshelves are a must. This room is such a blank canvas, it’s almost hard to envision what it could look like. 

Master Bedroom: This room is currently a disaster zone.....aye yaye.

Master Bath: 

Bedroom #1: Guest room! We do have guests coming in early February, so of course this room with get love before our bedroom.....does that happen with everyone? Your bedroom is the last to get done??
Guest Bath: The great thing about the guest has its own private full bath.

Full Bath: This full bathroom has access to the hall and to Kensi’s room. To make it Kensi’s, it’s getting a touch of pink for a girl without going too far over the top.

Bedroom #2: Kensi’s bedroom! Kensi is getting older and we will soon be changing her to a big girl for a post on this soon.

Laundry Room: My biggest vision for this room is to keep it simple, clean and organized.

Bedroom #3: Sewing room/Office

Bedroom #4: Labeled as a media room....right now it’s our storage room. 

What a great way to start off 2014! We have a lot to do, but we’ll be sharing each project with our readers....wish us luck as we transform this empty house into a messy house into our organized home. 


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