Thursday, July 28, 2016

shake it off

This week we signed Kensi up for another year of dance classes. She is so excited to dive into her second year and even better that she gets to stay with some of her sweet friends she made. We have yet to get new ballet shoes, but found a pair of tap shoes at a consignment store for under $3. WOOT WOOT. I love finding great deals like that as it always sends me to cloud nine. 
Over the last year I feel like so many small shops have been blowing up with the cutest leotards and dance accessories for littles. I’m snagging a few for this year so we have a few different options along with a new dance bag. I’m in love with so many pieces and trying to keep it to a minimum and simple, but it's hard to do with so many adorable choices. Check out a few of my favorites so far and maybe you’ll find a few to fall in love with as well for your little ballerina. 

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