Tuesday, July 5, 2016

festive fourth + summer fruit salad

Happy 4th from our little family to yours! We hope everyone was able to have a safe, fun and festive holiday weekend. Our weather wasn’t very cooperating most days, but we were able to take advantage of some sunshine while sweating our skin off in the southern humidity. Our babes were so excited to be outside and at the pool {not this mama} so we compromised with our kiddie pool in the backyard. It was so hot and humid the kids only lasted about 20 minutes. 

We celebrated with a couple of our close friends and grilled out. I love trying new recipes especially for holidays and tweaked this Red, White & Blue Salad for our family {recipe is below}. I was smitten over the colors and it was delicious. This was my first time trying the whole watermelon & feta combination. I imagine you will either love it or hate it. I really enjoyed the flavors together as it balanced the salad between sweet and savory. The mint was a huge winner in my book, it took this salad from basic to fresh and bright!

Red, White & Blue Salad
2 cups cubed watermelon | 1 cubed apple | 1 cup blueberries | 2 tablespoon fresh mint | 2 tablespoons feta cheese | dressed with juice of one lime, 2 tablespoons honey & a pinch of salt whisked together |

Once it cooled off in the evening we lit off a few small firecrackers. The kids love throwing the Pops! all over the driveway, which is now a mess and will get a cleaning later today. There really aren’t too many firecrackers they can do other than the Pops! and having us help them with a sparkler so we made confetti poppers for them to enjoy. We used THIS tutorial. I really loved this project because it was simple and still made it fun and safe for them. Although, Finn was just not having it. 

After a day filled with delicious food, festive actives, firecrackers and a nice cool bath they both crashed out in our bed. I love capturing moments like these; we know they had a great day and we hope it’s something they remember.

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