Tuesday, September 13, 2016

halloween costume planning

It’s that time of year again, prepping for Halloween costumes. Last weekend, while we were getting pummeled with rain, we ventured to Target and scored a few Halloween items from the dollar bin. Kensi got so excited finding a few small pumpkins to set up for decorating. She’s already asked if we can go back so she can add a couple more to different rooms in the house. If only I could say she’s just like her mama, but the reality is Mike was just as excited and put a few items of his own in our cart. I guess we’re kind of holiday freaks.

We’ve been discussing a few different ideas for our family theme the last few weeks and with as crazy as our lives have become with three babes, I would LOVE to do a circus theme, but it’s getting overruled by Kensi. We tried explaining to her that next year Finn will have some say in what he would like to be (since he’ll be nearly 3), but of course she’s only 4 and doesn’t understand and we’ll probably have a HUGE meltdown next year when it comes to picking our costumes. Kensi really wants to be a princess this year and I’m for it, unless she so happens to change her mind between now and when I go to the fabric store. Life of a girl.

So with ‘princess’ being the center of it all, we’re planning on going with a fairy tale theme. Yes, it’s been done millions of times, but I think it will be really cute and so much fun. Plus, let’s let kids be kids. I don’t want our holidays and festive fun to be forced by any means. Knowing our kids get to dress up how they want makes everything much more enjoyable and they’ll remember for what it should be.
I need to get myself in gear and start making the costumes, especially since I have FIVE to make this year, SIX if we include Stella. Kensi and I sat down last night and began planning out some of our ideas. She loves picking out every color of the rainbow for the costumes. We’re going for a whimsical color combination and using this gorgeous bouquet as inspiration.

I definitely have my work cutout! I’ll try my best to give little sneak peeks at the semi-homemade costumes through my IG account, come find us as we’d love for you to follow along.

What are your littles wanting to dress up as this year?

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