Thursday, September 8, 2016

game day food: white queso dip

One of our favorite elements of fall is college football season. Neither Mike or I were never really into the NFL so our game days are typically Saturdays. We grew up in Nebraksa and were raised as Husker fans so you'll hear us chanting GBR or Go Big Red. 
Aside from a good game, we love game day food. My family often hits up some of our favorite local pizza joints or everyone chills at someone's house while we make homemade Runzas or egg rolls. What's a Runza you ask? It's a sandwich stuffed with seasoned ground beef, cabbage and cheese, and t’s native to Nebraska. My oldest sister has perfected our family's homemade version and it's easy to make. Bonus, the stuffing freezes well to make from week to week. We’re making some for tomorrow and will share the recipe in the coming days for anyone who would like to make them for next weekend.
A little throwback to Kensi’s first Husker football party. She was so tiny and I just loved her crazy hair!

Over the last several years since we've been away from family so we've come to make our Saturday game days our own. We love trying new recipes and pairing them with different brews. Some of our other favorite go to foods are hot wings, chili, beer cheese soup and an array of dips. I thought it would be fun to share a game day recipe each week in honor of college football. Hopefully I can make our team proud by delivering some killer recipes. 
Last weekend, we made this easy Five Ingredient White Queso Dip I found on Pinterest from The Baking Fairy. This dip would be great for any party, especially for football, but even better for a self serve nacho bar. I love this idea and think it would be so much fun and plan to set one up for our friends in the next few weeks. The dip itself is very easy to put together and can be made on  he stovetop or in a small Crock-Pot. Mike and I both love queso and always eat way too much for our own good, but typical homemade queso dip is made with artificial cheese which completely grosses us out. There aren’t any artificial ingredients in this recipe which makes this the perfect dip for the party!
Happy Game Day!

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