Sunday, September 18, 2016

let’s add color

We're almost done painting everything Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore to bring in more light. It really neutralized each living space and gave each room a fresh, clean slate, and it works well for us, especially me more so than I would have ever thought because I change my mind frequently when it comes to decor. The neutral colors looks good, but it can be boring so now we're ready to add color, character and personality! 
Earlier this year we purchased new white sofas and recently found an ottoman to go with them. The ottoman is black, tufted and square shaped. I found it on Joss and Main and we waited a few months just watching and waiting for the price to drop. Waiting can really pay off, as we saved nearly $60 from when we first saw it. It looks pretty in the picture, but lets get a little real. Some of the fabric on the corners that tucks is loose and I ended up hand stitching it down so it wouldn’t pull. Also, the feet screw in, but they seem a little bowed. Mike is still trying to come up with an idea to make it more secure with the kids because kids are kids and they like to climb on top of it. Both the ottoman and the sofa set are plain jane, but I like having basic pieces because they can be styled in several different ways with color and texture. Right now our living room looks boring, but it's definitely brighter than before and I'm on the search for a rug and fun pillows. One of the most challenging areas to design for our living room has been our main wall that holds our television. There's nothing there and it screams 'HELP ME!!’
After much Pinterest searching and bouncing ideas off Mike, we've come up with possibly painting the wall a pop of color or adding wallpaper (I would LOVE this!!!!) and turning it into a gallery of photos. The photo wall makes sense for us because we don't have much of anything up on any wall. Here are a few saved from my Pinterest board that I’m using for inspiration. 
We’re excited to add pops of color through pillows, throws and artwork. Over the weekend we found a few fun pillows and fabrics to begin adding to our living room space. I’ve always loved muted colors and I’m really falling for teal and raspberry color combinations. I think mixing it in with some simple black and white patterns and natural wood elements is so much fun. I’m so excited to have some color to liven up this space! 

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