Sunday, April 2, 2017

Date Night: 8, 9, 10, 11

I haven’t been good about posting the last few weeks, but our dates are still taking place although they’ve looked a little different since we only have one day off together as a family and more often than not most of our time is spent with the kids. We’ve settled in for more movies on the couch, but we’re still keeping it fun. 

Date 8: Twister
Mike and I had the itch to pull out some of our games, but knew if we tried to play Monopoly or something of the sort we’d probably fall asleep. Instead we picked up Twister. Neither one of us had played the game since high school and trying to maneuver our limbs to the different colors was much less romantic as it was challenging, uncomfortable and funny. We had stretched our bodies in ways we forgot or knew how and woke up the next morning sore. 

Date 9: Color Me Beautiful
We had heard good reviews about Passengers and knew it would be a great movie that would hit all our wants: adventure, suspense and romance. The movie was everything we had hoped for and in while watching we made some popcorn and pulled out Kensi’s colored pencils and our coloring books we had bought each other a year ago for Christmas. We love low key nights like this and coloring was so relaxing and good for our minds and souls. Here are a few of our favorite coloring books...
| one | two | three | four |

Date 10: Bowling with the Fam
This weekend we knew was going to be one of our busiest we’ve had in awhile. I ended up taking Kensi to see Beauty and the Beast (it’s amazing!!!) and we had been invited to go bowling for our friend’s birthday. We used bowling as a family day date and took the opportunity to introduce Finn. This was his first time and we knew he would either be thrilled or it would be a disaster. Finn is still little and he just couldn’t understand the concept of waiting for his turn and grew irritated each time he needed to wait for the pins to reset. Needless to say Mike, Kensi and I had so much fun letting loose with our friends, but Finn ended up hanging watching a movie instead. 

Date 11: Last Minute Dinner Out
This past week felt like one of our longest. With Mike working six days it makes everything seen longer and we’ve been growing exhausted quicker with each passing day as we move through this outage. Going to bed is happening earlier and earlier. In need of just getting out of the house Friday we packed the kids into the car even though it was nearly their bedtime and headed out to dinner for chips and margs. Our kids were so well behaved and I think it was mostly due to just being tired of being at home all week long. 

I cannot wait to settle back into our normal schedule in the next couple weeks, I’m really starting to go insane! Luckily my mom is coming this week and I will finally have some solid adult interaction again and Mike and I can sneak out of the house for a night of our own!!! 

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