Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bedding Design Balance

In the last month Mike and I have begun focusing on the design of the kids’ room. The girls (will soon) share a room and Finn has his own. When it comes to designing a space I’m terrible about making decisions because I’m constantly changing my mind. I know it drives Mike crazy, but he has so much patience and he’s so good to my indecisive mind. I’ve shared design idea boards in the past for the girls’ shared room and even the playroom, but I have yet to have a solid design in any specific room mostly due to budget. In recent months Kensi has been asking us to redo her room and we really couldn’t argue because there wasn’t much going on in there since we’ve moved the kids from bedroom to bedroom trying to figure out the best function for our family. Once that was settled we could start brainstorming the design of each room.

Mike and I don’t like characters splashed on furniture, clothes or bedding. I know some may think we’re depriving our kids, but when they own their own space they can do with it what they want. We allow our kids to fill their character needs with pajamas, coloring books, stickers, figurines and plush toys. This is a good balance for us because the kids can love and play with their toys and Mike and I can put them all away in their designated home. When it comes to bedding, we choose simple, neutral pieces that can be paired with fun colors and patterns but still keep everything clean and simple. Kids change their minds all the time and too quickly for us to drop money on character bedding, but there are several stores and companies that are constantly stepping up the bedding game and making the perfect sets for this type of balance.

If we gave Kensi the reigns to completely design her space it would look like the Disney channel threw up everywhere. There would be stacks of Highlights and American Girl Doll catalogs, paper and sticker sheets hiding under every possible surface along with piles of who knows what that piece or toy came from as she’s kind of our little hoarder. Much like me when I was little. Fortunately, I’ve become quite the purger and we’re slowly teaching Kensi the same habits. As for her room, she would have it filled with all the bright colors of the rainbow and every princess character her little heart desires. I like things to be very clean and simple which can be a struggle when trying to make her own space. But where there is a will, there is a way.

In the girls’ rooms we went with the famous simple Jenny Lind style bed. We originally bought our crib for Kensi in this style, later found a spindle styled bed from an antique store. White may seem boring and plain, but it’s neutral and will go with anything we pair with it. As for the bedding Kensi asked for pink and there are so many beautiful pink comforters and duvets on the market today. A solid comforter is perfect for pairing with multiple different sheet sets whether it be black and white or a fun pattern full of color. I especially love The Land of NodPottery Barn Kids and Teen for our bedding basics because pieces can be purchased individually like the rainbow pillowcase. There’s no need to purchase an entire sheet set and it’s perfect for mixing and matching. They also have the best accent pillows that can be changed out with each season!

In Finn’s room we went a little more modern with his convertible toddler bed. I love the two tone design. His bedding is very simple with bold black and white patterns a few pops of color. I found this geo accent pillow at Target last year on sale. He loves having his own space with his things all together, but he needs a little more color. We think he’s going to be our little traditionalist because he loves a routine and always does the same thing each night. He always keeps his books close and when he goes to bed we can hear him dropping the books one by one when he’s done down to the floor. Finnley is tall and he’s nearly at the point where his toes can touch the end of his bed when he’s laying on his pillow. We’re getting ready to switch him over to a big boy bed and I’m so excited to style it!

We still have a ways to go with pulling the rest of the rooms together, but I can’t wait to share more as we get a little further in the process!

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