Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kitchen Cabinets // Finished

It's been a long time coming to write this post and I've had several people ask me about the progress of the cabinets. You guys...They're done! They're done! They're done! I can hardly believe the day has come where these cabinets are actually DONE. However, the kitchen as a whole is not done. It’s definitely been a process to say the least and even more importantly a long one.

Looking back to late November when we decided to start painting the kitchen cabinets I honestly thought we would have them completed within a few weeks. Wrong! This project was time consuming and not for the faint of heart. The painting itself wasn't bad, it was mainly living in an over-exposed kitchen with no doors while we took our sweet time with each step. 
It took as long as is did because we didn't allow it to change our everyday life which really allowed us to work only on the weekends. Throw all the major holidays into the mix, a couple toddlers, a new nursing baby, family visitors, three weeks fighting off viruses, an outage schedule and you have quite the renovation journey.

The biggest impact of our work besides the paint is definitely pulling out the cabinets above the refrigerator and building a box around it to create a built in cabinet. We also replaced our crown with something more substantial, also with adding a few little character details around the cabinets to give everything a more finished appearance. Now that the cabinets are painted and hardware has been added we find ourselves looking at other details in the kitchen and agreeing more needs to be done. We replaced our oven range within the last few weeks and we've actually returned it and now waiting for a different one. We love the style of the one in place, especially the large window in the door, but due to the door design the exterior of it can reach to 160 degrees F which a no-go with kids in the house.

We also hit a few hiccups during the process. What diy project doesn't? We originally discussed carrying the cabinets up to the ceiling, but we have a light in the way and we would have had to move it, therefore reconfiguring more than one to keep it balanced. We nixed that due to all the extra work involved. We also did endless amounts of sanding work to smooth out the trim we added under the upper cabinets. Word of advice...just buy the better, more expensive wood. Just do it. We didn't even think about it and that small detail cost a lot of time!

Our next steps are putting in a vent hood, replacing the countertops & floors and adding backsplash. We absolutely love the brightness the white paint brings to this space and we know with each addition the kitchen will continue to change dramatically!

And a little before photo, just to see our dramatic improvement!

\\ Sources \\
Paint: Benjamin Moore Advanced in Chantilly Lace (white)
Benjamin Moore Advanced in Chelsea Gray (gray)
Hardware Knobs: Cosmos Round Mushroom Knob
Hardware Pulls: Amerock Blackrock Pull

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