Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Packing with Kids

We’re getting ready to travel and I’ve been spending this week getting the house in order, washing clothes and beginning to make my packing lists for each of us. We haven’t flown since Kensi was a year and half old so it’s been awhile and a lot has changed. Typically when we travel we’ve been driving because it’s 1) less expensive 2) we can pack more 3) we get to see more. However, driving 1) takes waaaaaay longer 2) makes us lose our minds 3) extends our trips up to four days.

We are so grateful we get the fly this time, but I’m trying to prepare myself as best as possible since we are now traveling with three kids. Everyone I’ve talked to and every blog I’ve read has emphasized be organized, organized, organized and that’s exactly what I’m striving to do. So as we travel often by car and now getting ready to travel by plane I’m sharing my tips to packing for the kids.

Let them help
Too many times I’ve done all the packing and Kensi has no idea what we brought, where anything is or worse I forgot to pack the her most favorite thing that she wanted to bring with us. Getting the kids involved in packing makes the trip smoother overall. Of course they can’t bring everything, but limiting them to a favorite outfit, book or small toy can make a huge difference. 

Pack some entertainment.
It doesn’t matter how we’re traveling we always pack a few things to keep the kids entertained. I bought Kensi & Finn each a backpack and inside are oodles of activities. I love shopping the dollar bins at Target for small fun items like magnets, figurines and coloring books. This last week I was able to find cute little drawing pads with crayons and matching temporary tattoos (sharks for Finn, mermaids for Kensi). We love the Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow books; they’re mess-free painting books that dry quickly for endless fun. I’m also packing the iPads loaded with two movies a piece. 

Don’t forget the snacks.
My kids are snack addicts. They will inhale the little bag of peanuts and cookies within seconds and then beg for more. I love using reusable snack bags and cups to keep their little tummies happy with healthy choices that aren’t going to cost a down payment in the airport. Some of my kids’ favorites are Annie’s crackers, trail mix, raisins, 365 Fruit Strips, fruit pouches any sort. We also found Fig Bars at Costco that were recommended by our friends. The kids love them because they’re just like breakfast bars, but they have less sugar. We alway make sure each kid has a water bottle and we’re currently loving the Ello bottles we found at Target. They can leak if tipped completely over, but they can also lock to prevent them from spilling when not being used. We also love these Munchkin Miracle 360 cups and the Munchkin Weighted Straw for Olivia. I also pack a few lollipops to get them settled into their seats as we take off and it helps them with their ears popping. 

Pack for safety.
It never fails, when I don’t pack a few first aid essentials we need it. I love keeping a few bandaids, lavender oil, Zoe Organics Everything Balm, hand purifier and ibuprofen in a small cosmetic bag that I can carry with me. Since we’re flying and travel means extra exposure to germs, I’m making a few wellness roller balls to help all of keep our immune systems strong.

Clothes & Shoes
I love being able to have access to a washer and dryer whenever we travel if possible. It definitely keeps packing clothes under control. I like having outfits put together before hand and mix and match tops and bottoms for multiple options. I try and keep shoes to two pairs per person and I  always pack swim suits because we never know if we’ll get a chance to hit the pool at the hotel or if it’s part of our planned trip.

Wish us luck as we fly with three kiddos! Hopefully we’ll survive the chaos and we have a great trip visiting our hometown! 

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