Friday, October 19, 2012


I love decorating for fall and Halloween (I love decorating for Christmas even more, but we'll get to that later). This year is a little different because I don't get to decorate our own house; I am so blessed to be staying with my parents, but having to decorate so much more space has been a little challenging...especially when mixing decor styles. My mom and I are very different. I am looking forward to next year when we will hopefully have our own house and I can work in a whole display of black & white pumpkins, black crows and spider webs.

I told all of you on my Fall Favorites post that I bought three apothecary vases/jars from Michaels and filled them with candy. I was so excited to finally put our peanut M&M's and mix the peanuts into our Corn Candy the other day because we have so many peanut allergies in our fam, I had to wait until after we celebrated birthdays. I really like  love these jars and I have soooooo many ideas of what to do with them!

Framed Halloween word print. This was found on Pinterest. I think I have it saved under my Fall/Winter or Halloween board along with a few other prints.

I scored the star pumpkins at Marshalls and TJ Max for less than $20 each. They have a light bulb inside that make them absolutely adorable when the sun goes down.

 I made a burlap 'Happy Fall' banner entirely of fabric and since I had some burlap leftover, I cut it into strips and wrapped it around some mason jars to hold tea lights. Simple and very cute.

When in doubt, place mini pumpkins and candles anywhere and everywhere! They can be lined up, clustered or can even fill a vase. These are also great if you want to add a different color to your decor. You can spray paint them or use a spray glue and dust with glitter...super cute!


I made this tulle wreath and it was so much fun! I made some extra flower clips (red & purple) so I could swap out colors after halloween and shift to fall. (Here, it's hanging on our fridge so I could get the best picture, it's hanging on our door now).

 This year I was finally able to get some hay bales and fun pumpkins! Perfect for some family fall photos.
I think these pumpkins are by far my favorite decoration this year. We had a really bad drought here in the midwest which made the white and Cinderella pumpkins harder to grow and for that matter even harder to find this October. I did find these however at a local grocery store (Kroger brand) and I may or may not have received some very interesting looks from people as I was practically crawling through the pile of pumpkins trying to find the most interesting ones in the bunch.

As for other outdoor decorations, we live on an acreage and don't get any trick-or-treaters :( I actually still have never handed candy out and I can't wait for that Halloween to come! We have so many beautifully colored trees that we don't really need to add other decorations or it would take away from all the natural beauty, although it would be fun to have some spiders or bats hanging from the tree branches.
We will post about all of our Halloween events we plan on attending in the next week and you can see baby girl's super cute costumes!

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