Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I spend some time each week searching through Pinterest and other sites and pinning some very neat ideas. Like most pinners out there, I've pinned everything from baby to food to decorating. 

Just last night I went a little crazy (with EXCITEMENT) over Christmas decor ideas! Now as much as I love fall, I LOVE CHRISTMAS EVEN MORE! This is by far my favorite time of the year. Notice I said Christmas, not necessarily winter :) I love the snow but only through the New Year and then I'm definitely ready for spring to come moving in.

My latest pins that I'm dying to cook, try and/or make are right here for you...


So this isn't the picture that I want to show you, but this is a video of double duty pumpkins on the website. On Rachael Ray they carved out a pumpkin, screwed in a spout, filled it with beer (you could fill it up with cider or something else) and they turned it into a Pumpkin Keg! How GENIUS is this??? I may be able to convince the Hubster to try this out with me this weekend as we carve pumpkins and what not. LOVE it!

We are totally making this, this weekend!
1)We absolutely devour puppy chow every. time. we. make. it.
2)Who doesn't love Halloween themed recipes?

Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider Syrup

This is a tried and true recipe. Absolutely delicious...I was literally finishing the syrup off my plate and my husband's. The syrup is also great on baked apples and ice cream....can you tell I like it just a little bit?


Dear Lillie

I''ve been following the inspiring blog of Dear Lillie for the last several weeks and they make and sell the most adorable oversized ruler growth chart I think I've ever seen....EVER. I am dying to put this up for Kensi. I love that it's a solid piece of art and can be moved from place to place. How many times have you been measured or you have measured your own kiddos on the wall and then when you have to move, you're torn because you can't take the wall with you!
Now I'm pretty good at making things myself and I may give it a whirl. However...if you're not super artsy-craftsy then visit their will be well worth your time!

I've also been really into wreathes lately. I made the black tulle one that was on the Fall Decorating post, and I'm interested in making another one out of burlap. I came across this one on Pinterest and it's basically a copycat of the cream colored one that's sold at Target for $40. It seems pretty time consuming, but I think it would be a lot of fun to make, plus you can choose whatever color you want.
The link itself won't open for me, but at least the picture shows you each step. I attach each little spiral flower to a styrofoam ring with hot glue.

Entry Way Bench

I'm all about making furniture (that will hold up) at a fraction of the price of what I'd pay at an expensive store. I love this entry way bench to say the least. You could always make the legs longer and turn it into an entryway table too.

Ah yes, the most wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL time of the year!

Chalkboard Wrapping

This year, I'm forgetting the printed wrapping paper and going simple. Check out these adorable wrapping paper alternatives for Christmas and every other time you need to wrap a gift!

I have always loved the simplicity of decorating with red during Christmas and this living room is so beautiful. Small touches of red make this room so cozy and perfect for this special time of year.
Also, the "Merry Christmas" art above the fireplace is framed single letters and framed group letters to spell out the phrase.

Everyone is aware that chalkboards are everywhere and they're taking every playroom and kitchen by storm!
Chalkboards are very functional and can literally be made in any size. There are dozens of ways to use chalkboards in your entire painted wall to one that's framed.

I could seriously list picture after picture that I've pinned. These are only a few of my favorites up to this point and I'm sure I'll continue to pin even more for Christmas.

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