Monday, October 1, 2012


On the earlier post about the Baby Registry we commented on how we really enjoyed using the City Mini stroller by Baby Jogger. But after using it for about a month and a half or so, we began wishing we would have spent the extra cash for some of the upgrades the GT version offers. We played with the idea of swapping out our stroller for awhile and once we started discussing our upcoming trips (more or less California) and the fact that we plan on being on the sand and if we go hiking we're going to be dealing with pebbles and gravel and yadda yadda yadda.....needless to say....we traded it up for the GT and we haven't looked back since! 

Now, we're not bashing the original City Mini, it just didn't fit our needs as well as we liked. We do highly recommend Baby Jogger in general and have nothing but positive things to say about their products. 

So some of the features of the GT that we love......
1. One-hand fold. This feature is not just for the GT, some of their other strollers do this as well (even other brands have picked up on it-FINALLY!) and I really don't know why it's taken some companies this long to come up with this. It makes it SO MUCH EASIER!!! 
2. Not bulky. We love the City Mini GT because it is a three wheel stroller and to us it doesn't seem nearly as bulky as many other strollers.
3. All-terrain wheels/tires. You can practically go on any surface with this stroller which we absolutely LOVE.
4. It is one smooth ride. Our baby girl rarely gets rattled from being rattled all over the place by bumps and other things.
5. Adjustable handle bar. When we were first shopping for strollers, we thought this was kind of like blah....whatever. We will be the first to say, it's actually kind of nice because you can change the angle of the bar for different people. 
6. Accessories sold separately. Some people may think we're crazy, but we really like the fact that the accessories are sold separately because it allows us to customize the stroller to our needs. We have purchased the Parent Console that velros at the top of the stroller, the Child Tray (we haven't used this yet) and the Carseat Adapter (we bought the one for Chicco carseats, just be sure you buy the right one...loved this too).
7. Sun Roof. We absolutely LOVE this feature. The whole canopy of the stroller conceals your baby so nicely (it's seriously the coolest little fort for the baby, I would love hang out in there if I could, and Mike knows I would) that it makes it nearly impossible to see inside the stroller unless you're actually squatting down, but with two sun roofs that have a removable covers that can be velcroed back, you can see your baby from up above. Our little girl thinks its so funny to look up through the little sun roof and see us peering down on her. 

There are hundreds of strollers for all of us to buy. To be completely honest, just like any new set of parents, we had no idea what was the best for our baby. We knew we wanted a jogging stroller, but nothing super bulky. We wanted something that would grow with us and something that would allow us to take it almost anywhere with us. We also did a lot of research. We LOVE this stroller and are pretty much obsessed with it! 
We hope this helps with all you parents out there in need of a stroller for your little ones!
Happy stroller shopping!

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  1. we have the city mini jogger. its so awesome, the front swivels so you can walk in tons of circles and it feels like you are go carting everywhere. the only down side is you have to buy all the amentnities to it.


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