Wednesday, January 16, 2013


B Toys can be found at Target, Barnes & Noble and Amazon (I'm sure there's other stores, but these are the places where we find them). The first B toy we purchased was their B One Two Squeeze Soft Blocks. Kensi loves tossing and chewing them. And because they're soft (like rubber) they don't hurt nearly as much when they get thrown.... say.... at your head, but they're stackable because they're much more sturdy than fabric blocks. Sort 'em, stack 'em, toss 'em!

We picked up the blocks a few months ago and since buying them, I started looking into their other toys. One that I was so excited to get for Kensi was the B Funkeys. She's always grabbing at my keys and know the 'not for Kensi' toys. When we saw the B Funkeys we instantly fell in love with the fact that the keys have metal on them to make them look and feel more like mommy and daddy's keys and not so 'baby'.
B FunKeys 
There's a few sound buttons and a nifty little flashlight too. Kensi thinks they're pretty cool as she drags them around hitting the unlock/lock button all the time....beep....beep beep!

We bought both toys from Target. The Funkeys were sold out for about three weeks, but it was worth the wait. I did find them on Amazon, however Amazon was selling them for twice as much! I was totally fine waiting a few weeks and saving that money.

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  1. We have these & the phone!! They are great. & my nieces love them & one of them is 6 so they last a while haha :)


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