Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sometimes Every time I can't sleep, I lay in bed scrolling through Etsy on my phone, yes there's an App for that. I love browsing their 'Handpicked' items and there is where I found CuteBows4Girls. This shop carries a variety of hair bow clips in sizes and colors. I purchased their 'No Slip Infant Bows' for our munchkin and LOVE THEM! 

They are so easy to just slide into her hair to keep her little bangs out of her eyes and because they have the no slip material placed inside the metal clip, they seriously don't slide or fall out of her hair like many other bows. I did post a picture of Kensi wearing one on Instagram (@rmbraden09) to share with my fellow WTE June Mamas. 
If you're looking for a cute accessory for your little gal, be sure to check them out!

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