Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm gearing up for another plane ride to visit my sister and decided to share my packing list. Since Kensington was born we've been on two road trips and one plane trip. Packing for these two types of traveling is very different for us. 
For one thing, a road trip is somewhat easier because you can pack literally as much as you could possibly want, of course you're using up a ton of car space, but if you absolutely needed to drag the swing along for your baby....you could.
A plane ride is waaaaaaaaay more tricky! On our last trip we found we needed many items we hadn't packed with us and ended up buying new items at the store. Seriously. Such. A. Pain. 
Here's our packing lists and tips for High Flying.

#1 BIRTH CERTIFICATE - Yes you read this correctly. Whenever you're traveling ALWAYS bring a copy of your baby's birth certificate. All airlines need this to show the baby's identity and to show the baby is actually your baby.
Stoller - This may seem so obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people don't think a stroller is necessary. The stroller is so helpful because you not only have something to push the little one in instead of carrying everywhere, but if they fall asleep then you can lay them in there too. If for some reason your lil tot doesn't want to hang out in the stroller then throw your carry on inside it and you have a little cart.
Carseat - You don't really need it for the flight itself, because baby can sit on your lap...as long as you're good with that the entire flight. Many airlines also won't let you bring the carseat onboard unless you pay for the seat. We just held Kensi the whole trip, which we thought was easier because then we didn't have to deal with the dumb carseat and strapping it in and lugging it off the plane with all the impatient passengers who think the quicker they stand up the faster people move....anyways...bottom line......you will be using a car sometime once you land, so just check it with the rest of your luggage.
Diapers, Wipes & Clothes - No need to explain, just pack extra. 
Wet Bag - There's no doubt that the chances of your baby of having a blowout while traveling are high. They plan to make traveling more difficult right? 
Changing Pad - Airport bathrooms have a designated place in the bathroom to change the baby, but if you come across the super annoying women who don't have kids and use the changing area to apply their makeup or heaven forbid curl their hair then you may need to be extra creative when changing that diaper.
Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the germs going around, especially the Flu bug. Kensi had Influenza A and it was not a peach to deal with. Because she still so little, germs are extremely airborne on planes and the flu virus' are so damaging, I'm packing a Arm & Hammer Cleansing Wipes to wipe down arm rests and trays.....yep I'm totally going to be THAT mom on our upcoming flight.
Snacks & a Bottle - On our last flight we packed a few organic lollipops to help with Kensi's ears popping. She of course loved to lick the lollipop and yes it was a sticky mess. Don't think I automatically saw our flight as a way to introduce sugar, I do bring a bottle for water and a couple the baby food pouches which are awesome for traveling.
Lightweight Baby Blanket - We bring one of Kensi's Aden + Anais bamboo blankets that we call her 'cozy'. It's one of the few she snuggles with.
Toys/Books - We bring 2 or 3 just to keep Kensi entertained while waiting at the airport and on the plane.
Scarf - This is for mama. Wearing a scarf is probably one of the best tips I've come across, because if Kensi spits up or wipes her mouth on my shirt, I have something to cover up the food crusted wherever! The scarf also works GREAT as a nursing cover!

I would still bring everything listed above for a road trip, but I would also pack....
Breast Pump - I LOVE my breast pump (Medela) and the fact that I can pump while we're driving and give Kensi a bottle so we don't have to stop every time.
Medela Steamer Bags - These are the greatest things ever invented, I swear. Just throw all your used pumping pieces in the bag and put in the microwave to clean....genius!
Baby Playlist - Kensi loves music so we created her own playlist in our iTunes. It consists of soothing soft songs and some of her favorite upbeat ones too. We use her playlist all the time; nap time, driving, playing, etc.

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  1. The birth certificate...definitely didn't think of that. Thanks! We're taking our first plane ride in March. Should be interesting!

  2. Thanks for the tips? My son will be almost 5 months for our first airplane trip and this weekend we'll be driving to Phoenix. What did you do for sleeping arrangements?


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