Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Mike and I have never been the type to bar hop on the weekends....to tell you the truth when we're invited to go out with friends to a bar, we usually have to ask where it is. Not to say we don't like a good drink, because we definitely do! We just like to spend our weekends or our date nights doing things we really enjoy.
Now that we have Kensi, we have to really plan for a date night. Some of our fun and inexpensive 
(yes we really do these) date nights are...

1. Pack a picnic
2. Fly a kite
3. Play a board game or card game
(Our favorites are Farkle, Phase 10 & Monopoly)
4. Have a movie marathon
(Can you believe I did this with Mike in high school with Star Wars?)
5. 80's movie night
6. Cook din together
7. Play putt-putt
8. Star gaze
9. Go to live music in the community
10. Movies in the park
11. Check out the local Farmers Market
12. Coffe date at your favorite coffee shop, don't forget to grab a deck of cards
13. Nature walks
14. Try a new restaurant
15. Go to a vineyard
16. Dessert only, go to a local bakery
17. Check out a dive bar
18. Antique shopping
19. Pamper Night---massage, pedicures, etc.
(Yes I've given Mike a pedicure and he loves it)
20. Roller skating or ice skating
21. Go for a nightly road trip
22. Go sledding
23. Go to a Drive-In
(We don't have any in our area now, but we would go quite often in Baltimore)
24. Hit the State or County Fair
25. Take a cooking class together

I hope this somewhat inspires you for your next date night!

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