Thursday, March 20, 2014


Like most of the country we too have fluctuated in high and low temperatures each week. When it is nice and warm we make sure to get lots of vitamin D. Kensi and I are home most days just the two of us and our neighbors. We love packing picnics to share on our front stoop. PB&J's have never tasted better than with a toddler. Kensi loves jelly, lots of jelly. 
Another favorite of ours...fruit and veggie skewers. Nothing is easier to get a toddler to eat her healthy foods. 
After we picnic and chat, we put our drawing skills to the test with sidewalk chalk and water painting on the driveway. 

I just love her 'smile' face! 
After burning some energy outside, she usually crashes out in one of three places: her bed, the couch or her baby bouncer. Yep she still likes to bounce in it!
This weekend we plan on getting our hands dirty with planting and gardening. We are also so excited for even warmer weather and for our pool to open up in late April! Kensi will most likely turn into a total water baby. 

Happy Spring! May the warm sunshine fall upon each and every one of you!


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