Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My favorite part of spring is lent. I really enjoy the 40 day season of Easter and the meaning of new life and beginnings. Growing up we always had to give something up for lent, it was always such a challenge. Giving something up that you loved or a bad habit. I remember giving up pop, candy you know the things kids loved. Yes, like many kids I even tried to give up homework...why wasn’t that allowed??? One year I gave up my worst habit...cracking my knuckles. That was a huge blessing because it actually worked! I also love the modernized tradition of a fish fry, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg and building an Easter basket. Last year I created a baby basket guide and this year we’re conquering one for toddlers. 
Many of the ideas I posted last year can definitely be carried over year after year, but here are some of my favorite products for a little basket.

J.CREW NECKLACE - Kensi is all about dressing up. She loves everything from wearing my jewelry and heels to hats and sunglasses. I love finding fun & pretty accessories for her, she just lights up!
TWIGCREATIVE - I first came across this Etsy shop while reading the Oh Joy! Blog. Fun, simple and imaginative toys are what we are all about.
FLOWER SEED BOMBS - Easter is late this year and running very close to May Day. Instead of doing a full Easter basket and a May Day basket, I’m combining the two with fun springtime items. We love to garden and plan to have Kensi help planting this year and Seed Bombs are such a fun way to get littles excited. You can purchase some from Etsy or you can make your own....Swing by in the next couple weeks and we’ll have our easy DIY version for you!
FRESHLY PICKED MOCCASINS - I bought our first pair last year around this time and absolutely loved them! On days when I’m desperate for shoes, Kensi can still fit her feet inside but not for much longer. I’m head over heels in love with all their color and fabric options....they have something for everybody.
BURT’S BEES DRESS - Not many people realize Burt’s Bees carries a clothing line for kids. Sometimes you can find a few items at Target or Whole Foods but if you really want a good selection just visit their website here. You won’t be disappointed with their clothes and your babies will love how soft they are.
ISH by PETER H. REYNOLDS - Reynolds has several great books on the shelf, mostly about being yourself, learning it’s okay not being perfect and understanding the many forms of art. He includes beautiful illustrations too. A great author to fill your bookshelves and playrooms. 

GARDEN GLOVES & TOOL SET - This is a great set to get the littles excited about helping outside and becoming familiar with gardening. They will have a blast digging, scraping and scooping dirt!
CHICKEN CLICKER - A fun festive toy for spring. Although like The Land of Nod says, the chicken clucks not clicks, littles will still have fun clicking the chicken on Easter day.
J.CREW SUNGLASSES - A great accessory to gear up for days of sunshine and heat. Boys will love wearing sunglasses just as much as girls. 
HAVE YOU SEEN BY DRAGON? by STEVE LIGHT - I adore the illustrations in this book beyond words. It is a perfect book for boys {and girls}. They’ll have so much fun finding the dragon in each picture as he travels through the city.
HUNTER RAIN BOOTS - I cannot wait to purchase a pair for Kensi, we wear our boots all year round and love to pair them with everything under the clouds and even the sun. 

Thank you to our readers for pinning our Easter basket ideas from last year, you’ve made it one of our most popular posts! 

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We wish you a Happy Lenten Season and hope you find time to explore the meaning of Easter and can find your new beginning in the season of spring!


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