Thursday, July 3, 2014


Kensi and I are held up inside today as we await and endure the heavy rains of our first hurricane in NC. Yesterday I made sure to stop by the store and pick up a few items to keep us entertained in the kitchen as we prep to make tomorrow as festive as we can rain or shine. We spent most of our afternoon making fun treats such as cupcakes. My love of cupcakes has really grown since living in Maryland where we could indulge in Georgetown Cupcakes whenever we pleased. And thanks to Mike he's brought me over to the dark side of chocolate. I've always been a very vanilla girl until he came along. Today we made a combo of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with a simple vanilla frosting that Kensi could easily decorate with her sprinkles. 

I love that our cupcakes never look perfect, Kensi had fun helping which shows she put love into them. 

In between cupcakes, Kensi pulled out some of her favorite art supplies. We may have glitter all over the floor, but what's the point of doing art if you can't be messy? A little never hurt anyone. She was so excited to paint, but with no luck in finding her a paint brush I improvised and use pom poms instead. {If your little needs a handle and struggles holding on to the pom pom, pinch it between a clothespin} One matched up to each color in the beginning and she did well until the very end. 

Of course the best part is pouring glitter. I normally put it in an old small spice jar for her, but my mind was everywhere but there. She loved using the big jar today. 

We also made peach ice cream, crouton sticks and tomato soup for our and movie night. I can't think of anything better than a bowl of soup with bread dippers on a rainy night, can you?

We had a mini campout in our bedroom and Kensi picked our movie and of everything we own she chose Arthur Christmas. She's totally our girl, Christmas in July.....she knows it's coming soon. I also wonder if she even realized we were riding out Hurricane Arthur all day. Silly girl. 


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