Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Mike got word over a week ago he would have to go to Charlotte for training on his 30th birthday, BOO! That's no way to celebrate, especially when it's a big one like that. So Kensi and I tagged along. It's only a three and a half hour drive; we could celebrate together and Kensi and I would adventure through Charlotte while he had to work. 

We stayed at the Omni Hotel in uptown Charlotte. {Yes I said uptown and not downtown. Most of the suburbs for the area are located south of 'downtown' therefore they call it uptown} Since it was Mike's birthday he chose his din; we chowed at City Smoke where he munched on fried pickles and a local brew last summer while interviewing. I think Kensi was meant to be a southern girl, she loooooooves her grits. 
The entire drive to Charlotte we enticed Kensi with the pool at the hotel. It seemed like every 10-15 minutes she would ask 'pool?' Even though it was nearly 9pm and dark with a little breeze we took her to the rooftop pool. It was freezing and she did not care one bit. She was determined to go into hat pool after a long drive. 
She only lasted about 15 minutes and came over shaking, ready to be wrapped up into a cozy towel and snuggled so she could warm up. 
The next day Mike had training for work and Kensi and I had Charlotte all to ourselves. We had a fun lunch date and a blast of an adventure exploring Discovery Place a science museum for kids. 

Kensi spent most of our time playing with the newspaper shooter, blocks and petting a starfish, sea cucumber and horseshoe crab. By the end of our visit she was exhausted and crashed out. 

We completed our trip with a stop at a local farm stand and picked up a peck of peaches and enjoyed homemade peach ice cream while cheering on the US soccer team via radio, bump and all! 

We're planning a bigger birthday bash later in July so we could spread out the summer festivities. Lord knows we don't need another week where we're traveling and trying to celebrate a birthday with Independence Day, although it looks like we'll be spending the 4th inside while we get hit by Tropical Storm Arthur. Fun! 

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