Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I love me some goooooooood muffins. I can gobble down almost any type of muffin but my favorite is chocolate chip. The problem with chocolate chip is that they are rarely the healthy option; usually loaded with lots of sugar and you know...chocolate. Today I was just really craving a good muffin and I didn't really feel like driving to indulge in something completely made up of sugar and other not so great things. 
After browsing through umpteen recipes on Pinterest, which we all know can be hit or miss, I stumbled across a list of muffins made with flax seed. Buried in this muffin collaboration was a chocolate chip version and since I had all the ingredients on hand I decided to try it out. 
I'm warning you now that these muffins are hearty muffins, but they very good for a healthy chocolate chip version from Pastry Affair, made with whole wheat flour, flax seed and oatmeal. I also added a few tablespoons of wheat germ to my batch. 
Kensi and I each ate one for snack and she is the queen of snacking. She's constantly asking for more snack regardless of what she had just ate: banana, waffle, cherry tomatoes, cheese, etc. She didn't ask for a snack for three hours. To me that's success in itself. 

So have at it, they are filling and delicious! 

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