Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Posts have become few and far between lately mostly because of just being busy and working on different projects. We're currently planning out demensions for a faux fireplace. I'm already stressing out about this project because it's a big one and I desperately want it done for all the fall and winter holidays, but I'm so nervous to do this! So far we have everything taped out on the wall and now need to purchase our materials. I don't like posting projects mid-way because sometimes it takes quite a bit of time to get the entire thing done, but I am hoping and praying {hard} this will be quick and painless! 
Of course a mess always comes with a project and that's the part I HATE the most. Kensi doesn't seem to mind though, she just adds to it. If I had shifted the camera to the right of my feet you would see a glorious amount of crayons and stickers on the couch and floor. Somehow I believe she thinks she's 'helping' even when she's not measuring the wall. 

In the last couple weeks we also had a neighbor come over and split our one flush mount light in our now dining room into two large pendants. It has made a huge difference! Just ignore our lovely mess of a corner on that book shelf :)
So that's what's been going on at our house, messes and projects. The end products will be worth it, at least I hope! 

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