Saturday, August 30, 2014


I'm so excited Septmeber is almost here and I can finally put out our fall decor, only a few more days! I've been working on a few new things for our home and Kensi for the upcoming months. Today I made a fall garland chain using orange grosgrain ribbon, cream twill ribbon and black and cream herringbone twill ribbon {all 1-1/2 inch wide}. I love how simple, modern and cozy it is! 

Kensi is learning how much we love fall and she's falling right into step. Together we'll go to Hobby Lobby and she ooo's and awes at the pumpkins and Christmas trees. We are already talking about the pumpkin patch and she just lights up! 
Kensi at the pumpkin patch and last year. 

I've started making up some small activities to keep her busy throughout the day and decided to make Kensi her very own pumpkin she could decorate for Halloween. I bought a medium faux pumpkin from Michaels {don't forget to use a coupon} and four pieces of orange felt, one black and one green. These cost around $0.25 per sheet. I cut the orange felt into long strips and hot glued them to the pumpkin top to bottom and layered it until it was completely covered. I left the stem exposed but covered it with a little green felt so she had something to hold on to and also added a small green leaf. 
Then, I used a stencil to cut out face pieces for a Jack-o-Latern on the black felt. Because felt sticks to itself, this makes for a fun activity of creating a Jack-o-Latern for toddlers. It's just as much fun for them and there's no mess for the parents. More pictures will come in October of this fun little pumpkin in action. 

My last project for this week was a faux deer head. You know what I'm talking about. You either love them or hate them. The Hubster thinks it's just flat out weird and that's okay. We can display it during fall and winter and then it can go in my office/sewing room the rest of the time. When I first started shopping for the faux deer I was shocked how expensive they were. Most start at $80 and go up from there, that's just crazy. 
Luckily, as Kensi and I were strolling through the aisles of Hobby Lobby they had one in gold for a mere $60 {you can also find it online and still use a coupon}. Apparently it's categorized under 'Christmas' and I stumbled onto a 40% off sale in store. I still used my 40% coupon and bought a can of white semi-gloss spray paint.  I covered the antlers with painters tape and sprayed the head white. However, some of the original gold pulled away when I removed the painters tape. Most of it was on the back so I didn't worry about it, but I would recommend covering the antlers with a plastic bag instead to avoid additional work. 
BOOM! Fun decor at half the price. Gotta love that. 

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