Friday, October 24, 2014


This year Kensi is all about bats. We don't really know where the fascination came from, all we know she is obsessed with them so we have bat window clings, bay garland and we'll be hanging bats under our front porch for Halloween. We kept our decor simple with black and white and a few pops of orange. 

I really love making different garlands for our home and Halloween is no exception. Using stiff black felt and a template from Martha Stewart {you could also use a cookie cutter} I traced what felt like a million bats. Once I had enough bats for both my projects {scroll down to see project #2} I stitched them together using a straight stitch on my sewing machine. I love pom pom trim for literally everything and picked some up from Hobby Lobby for a mere $1.29 per yard. I love the combo of pom pom and bats together.

Like I said before I try to keep things simple. For above the mantle I created a simple felt banner that hangs from a wooden dowel. You can find the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. There are many different words or quotes you could use for this project.

Lastly, I had enough stiff felt from my bat garland and decided to make a matching game for Kensi. We’ve been working on numbers and counting and I thought this would be a fun and creative game for her to do. I used a total of 10 bats. I numbered five of the bats 1-5 and on the other five I did corresponding dots. This helps Kensi begin to recognize numbers, counts and match. Of course she does need help especially after the number three, but she’s learning and she finds it fun.

Happy Friday!

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