Thursday, October 23, 2014


Last night was one of the roughest nights of sleep Mike, Kensi and I have had in a very long time. Maybe it's all in preparation for the new babe, or maybe not. What we do know it was all about donuts. 
After stopping by the grocery store last night for a few sale items and Kensi picking out some donut holes for the week/weekend we went home and of course Kensi had a meltdown in the entry way of our house because we said she couldn't have a donut. Once she was calm we sat down and discussed that she could have a donut in the morning along with some juice when the sun came back up and she was pleased with this arrangement. 
So now let's fast forward about four hours later as Mike and I are going to bed. We stayed up later than usual to watch the Royals play in their second World Series Game. As soon as we get upstairs Kensi is walking out of her room; we settle her back into bed and ask if something was wrong....her response at midnight gave us a combo of hilarity and fear. As wide awake as she was she said 'It's morning mama! Eat two donuts now!' You can imagine how we laughed and thought this was so adorable and then the fear settled in. She thinks it's morning after just 4 hours of sleep....this is going to be a long night. Who knew a two year old could get so excited about eating donut holes for breakfast that it would actually keep them from sleeping. 
What we thought was a mission accomplished as Mike put her back to bed ended up being a mama, a dada and a Kensi sharing a queen size bed with pillows all over to support my pregnant belly. Not only did it take her FOREVER to fall back to sleep, but mama and dada slept like junk, Mike was late for work, but we had a plumber stopping by first thing in the morning. Once Kensi woke up in the morning her first response was 'Mama! The sun is up! Two donuts now?!'
I could only laugh :) 

Happy Friday Eve   

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