Saturday, October 11, 2014


Whew, I am so thankful for lazy, lounging days. This past weekend was fun, but busy busy. 
We spent Friday at home as Mike worked on the car and Kensi and I cleaned house. It's shocking how quickly our house gets messy with a two year running around. I absolutely love it, but the cleaning can be exhausting. Although it makes my heart nearly burst and brings a smile to face every time I find Baby Fox taking a nap in the mixing bowl in the kitchen cabinet! 
Our friends came over Friday night and we indulged in a fondue night. Which reminds me, I have been terrible lately by not taking photos, what's wrong with me?!!!!? Anyways....Mike and I have never done one {a fondue} ourselves, only in a restaurant. Needless to say there was way too much food, but absolutely delicious. Who wouldn't want to dip food into cheese and chocolate, separately of course. 

Saturday we were up before the sun to make the drive to Charlotte. We spent the day shopping and picked up some Christmas gifts for Kensi {post about that will come soon enough!} not to mention by the time we got to the check out they had all their Christmas out and I got super excited! There I spent another 20 minutes just going through every little piece of red and gold heaven. 

But there's always some sort of adventure whenever we go anywhere.  For this day trip I made sure to pack an extra pair of clothes for Kensi like always, but of course neither Mike or I really thought to bring it with us when we went to the mall.  And what do you know, she completely leaked through everything. When we decided to venture back to the car for the extra clothes and saw there was a torrential downpour we both looked at each other said 'buy her new pants?' Yes our two year old was wearing a shirt, diaper and shoes for a good half hour as we stopped in about three stores just looking for a good deal on a pair of pants for her. So if you were at Southpark Mall in Saturday afternoon and saw the crazy couple with the pant-less toddler frantically looking for leggings, but getting distracted by infant clothes at like say....BabyGap, yeah that was us! 

So after walking around for endless hours in definitely not the right shoes and my feet sweeping not to the point of visually noticing a difference, but enough to feel my toes touching in places they don't normally touch, today was 'lay on the couch, put your feet up and sleep for as long as you possibly can'. And it was amazing :) 

All my plans of today being a productive day to get the last of our Halloween  decorations done and up went straight out the door, but it's definitely okay. Being a lazy little family on the couch was completely worth it. 

Plus, this pregnant mama was so happy to have the Hubster make dinner. We decided to try the Crack Pull Apart Bread from Pinterest with a salad {gotta have my greens!} and brushetta. Oh my word, it is indeed deviously divine and we highly recommend you try this ASAP! If you love cheese and bread you will not be disappointed. 

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