Saturday, December 20, 2014


Last year we made homemade Christmas ornaments for our tree and to give as gifts. We used clear bulbs and Kensi filled them with glittered pom poms. They were a huge hit and very easy to do, especially for Kensi babe. 
I love homemade ornaments as they give a cozy feeling to a tree. This year we made a deer ornament to go on our trees. I saw a pin last year on Pinterest and knew we could re-create this little gem. 

I saved this project for Kensi and I to do after the baby was born. I try and set aside an activity of some sort each day for her and I to do together. I want to try my best to give her some one-on-one attention and not let her feel like she's been replaced by the baby. 
Bear with me when it comes to the photos, we did this at night and the lighting was terrible. 

Kensi gets so excited for projects and crafts, and this was no different. She felt like such a big girl since we were using the hot glue gun. She thinks it’s a very special project when the glue gun comes out :)
We purchased all of our supplies from Michaels and used tree twigs for our antlers.

We started by making two small dots using white paint for the eyes. You could use googlie eyes if you'd like. 
Then we cut our twigs down so they would fit into the hole on top of the spool and hot glued them in. 
We used twine to create our looped hanger and also hot glued that into the top. 
Lastly, we hot glued our little red noses on, used a black sharpie to finish our eyes and wrote our names and date on the bottom. 

These are so simple and cute, but definitely require some adult help with the glue gun. You can make them even more rustic by staining the spools before hand which I wish I had done, but that just gives me more ideas for next year! 

After making our ornaments, it reminded us to make our reindeer food. You can find how we make ours here. This time we pulsed it in a small food processor to make the confetti smaller. I was finding sequined Christmas trees in our front yard all summer long!

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