Saturday, February 7, 2015

happy hearts and painted valentines

I love that it's February and Valentine's day is drawing near. It's always such a lovie, bright, feel good holiday. I remember picking out the coolest boxed Valentines and laying on the floor in the living room with my class list and carefully writing each of my classmates names. Of course I saved my favorite cards from the box for my best friends and my crush of the week. Looking back I was such a nerd, but then again weren't we all? I think holidays do that to us. Make us all giddy...sometimes way more giddy than we'd like to admit, but that's what make holidays so much fun. 
I can't remember if I've shared in past valentine posts, but every year Mike and I opt out of the whole going out for dinner thing. For years now, and it mostly started because we had zero money....and continues because it's just become tradition, we plan an extravagant homemade dinner. Usually Mike takes care of din and I create a very decacdant dessert. I've never made the same dessert twice, but I can't decide what to make this year. Right now I'm all about chocolate and citrus.....hmmm...I'm sure I'll come up with something. 
This week Kensi made her valentines to send to our family and friends. She's been asking to paint the last few days so this actually was the perfect project to keep her busy. 
I love taking picture of her especially when she's creating and to be perfectly honest I love to set up the setting just right. Kinda silly I know, but it's nicer to look back on photos and not see a horrible eye sore in the corner of the photo. Well since we were painting and I didn't really want to pull out our roll of craft paper to catch spills I just left the football field table cloth from Sunday. It was definitely fun for the Super Bowl, but not so much for making valentines...although it was did its job at catching every paint drop and spill. 

Our valentines this year were a bit of a wing it sorta thing. I had some envelopes left over from our Christmas cards the last few years and cut some card stock to fit inside. I thought I had watercolors, but I didn't so we had a little paint left in these two sets and just added water to them. They worked great! Kensi ended up painting her valentine cards three different times throughout the day. She said she needed to take a break and watch Tarzan. Whatever is takes baby girl. I did of course help her fill in some of the white left on each card but she really didn't great job! We finished them off by writing a cute and simple message on the bottom corner like Happy Heart Day, Be My Valentine or You Make Me Happy.

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