Friday, February 27, 2015

jump around

Yesterday we had our first Defy Gravity experience. {They have a great weekday deal from 9-12 where one parent can jump for free} Neither one of us has jumped on a trampoline in quite awhile, it was sickening how exhausted Mike and I were after jumping for a little bit! 

Kensi did the typical two year old thing. Talked about wanting to go all the way up until we were actually standing on the trampoline. Then she didn't want anyone around her to jump. She had several moments of freak outs and tantrums...even a timeout, but it could have been worse. She finally came around and really started enjoying the fun of jumping into a foam pit, which let us just prepare you nearly impossible to move in and even more impossible to get out of. We felt so ridiculous trying to lift our legs and 'swim' to the edge as we found a rope to help drag our bodies out. 

I think the best part was watching her trying to fling her body up the ramp and sliding all the way back down. She did this over and over again. That and taking way too many slow-mo videos. It was so much fun playing together, we were rolling in toddler laughs! 

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