Wednesday, February 11, 2015

new books

In the past I've shared some of our favorite books for Valentine's Day. To share an entire new list would be silly because 1) we don't buy an entire new set of books each year for every holiday and 2) why would I just repeat a list I've already shared when readers can just go to the old post here? So, instead I'm sharing two new books we have. One was received as a gift and the other we purchased. It's actually kind of funny. Kensi, Finn and I read every day. We keep a basket of books related to the current holiday or season on the fireplace for easy access all day long. We hadn't bought Finn any new books because we had several from when Kensi was a tiny babe. Well this past week that didn't go over so well. Kensi sorted Finn's books from her own and wouldn't let me read any of hers to him. Lovely, right. The fighting and no sharing thing has officially begun. According to Kensi, Finn had two books and that was it. While making our weekly run to Target we picked out a new book for Finn {not because of Kensi, but because we choose a new book to add to our holiday collections every year} and Kensi even had a meltdown about this in the store. I'm not really sure if she was upset because of the book we chose or because we chose it more for Finn....don't worry though she already had her book at home. This is actually sounding more and more ridiculous as I write. Long story short....we got a new book, Kensi didn't like it, now she does and she reads it to Finn. {side note...she’s hid it a few times} 
Anyways, I like adding a book or two each year to our stash because it’s an inexpensive way to keep building and adding to our collection and it also gets them {and me} excited to read a new book. I rarely ever get rid of books either because we can use them again and again with each new babe, but also as Kensi gets older they become easier for her to read to Finn. It’s a total win-win. So this year Kensi’s ‘Valentine’ book is In My Heart by Jo Witek. She actually received this as a gift when Finn was born and it’s become one of my most favorite books. We read this book almost every day and now Kensi is recognizing  a lot of the pictures and reads it to us. Having a two year old read is by far the cutest thing ever. Not only is she telling her version of the story, but if she knows what the page should generally be about and she’s struggling she makes up her own words and thinks it’s just the funniest thing in the world. I also love the whole premise of this book. It’s all about feelings and emotions and how we can feel many different things. Kensi has been testing us for months now and she can get really hulk angry and she can’t figure out how to calm down. This book has helped SO much! Whenever she is having a moment we immediately refer to the book and she can calm herself down and think about how she’s acting and actually tell us what’s wrong. No more playing guess what’s wrong! 
Finn’s book is The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh. I’ve read this several times at the bookstore in the hardcopy, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Now they have it in a board book which is perfect. Finn has been smiling and babbling a lot and it just gets more adorable when we read to him. I know he doesn’t understand what we’re saying but I like to think he does. His little face just lights up when we all read together!

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