Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When we picked everything out for our house in te design studio we paid for the option to choose our own color for the interior of the house. We were so excited to not have yellow or tan walls, but once we moved in we quickly learned the builder only used a flat paint in the entire house which was not good for bathrooms and little toddler hands. I personally very much dislike flat paint for these reasons specifically because it shows every scuff, water splash and fingerprint. It's also nearly impossible to clean. We knew we would have to repaint everything, but decided to wait until after our one year walk-through where our builder provides a contractor to fix and nail pops, drywall seams and cracks from the house settling. We just had all this done last week and with our schedule getting a little turned upside down I need something to keep me busy when the kiddos are not. 
First things first....the bathrooms! I've mentioned before that when we chose our upgrades, we kept everything basic except mainly structural things. So in our bathrooms we have a shower/tub insert and it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling. This can be a problem especially if any water hits the wall and it's flat paint. The water just absorbs into the drywall and if it's not well ventilated it can cause mold. Which no one wants to deal with! So instead we're using a satin finish on the bathroom walls. {the rest of the house will be done in an eggshell finish}. 
I really do love the color we chose {functional gray by sherwin williams} but the sun hits the front of our house and all our windows are on the back causing it to feel a little darker. Besides from lightning it up in some rooms, we also want to add a little color in others. {I will not be afraid, I will not be afraid....of color}. 
Throughout the house I have my paint samples taped everywhere. Kensi thinks it's funny and likes to add her own. Wishful thinking baby girl. 

In the midst of trying to choose paint colors, I still have to entertain the nuggets. I'm so grateful for the moments where Kensi feels brave enough to entertain Finn all on her own. Whether it be with the iPad or her version of singing which consists on one single note being held as long as her breath allows or until Finn rolls over her and ends up kicking her the face. 

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