Sunday, February 1, 2015


...Valentine decor can be for boys too!
Happy February to all! Is it just me or do you also get the feeling that this year is going fly by? I mean it's already February....just crazy. January has always been a draggy month for me. I also think I go dumb for the month. I literally seem to forget what the date is, I completely lose track of time and my common sense. January is always a good month for me to start making my list of to dos for the year. With our budget being as tight as it is we have to pick and choose our projects. We've been in our house for one year now and there is still A TON that needs to be done. One of my to dos is to create more holiday decor for the house. And since Valentine's Day is our first holiday of the year I thought it was only appropriate {for Finn} to add a little touch of blue into our decor. If you read my post about obsessions then you'll understand why I created a pom pom garland. I intended to make a pom pom wreath for Christmas, but as you can imagine that didn't get done with all the commotion we had going on over here. So Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to start creating again. 
I picked out a few different shades of pink, red and turquoise for the poms and made them in multiple sizes just to be a little different. After all my poms were made and fluffed, I strung them together using a long piece of yarn. 
Too cute! I may get a little pom pom happy this year!

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