Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bath bather + update

Sadly the time has come that Finn is just too big to take his baths in the bathroom sink anymore. Yes I am one very sad mama. But he is so long {length of the average nine month old---and he's only four and half months old!!!} and it's become too challenging especially since he's not at the point where he can sit up on his own. 
We went searching for some sort of bath for him, but knew we really needed something that could be easily stored and not take up a ton of room or be a major eye sore in the bathroom. While on our bi-weekly shopping binge at Target we found the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather. It has three different incline settings for the head and two for the feet.  It's made with mesh lining which makes it easy to use and comfy for the babe. I probably wouldn’t recommend using this for a newborn because I think the baby would slide down quite a bit, but this works good for us at this point in the large bathtub.

Finn enjoys it because he can totally lounge in the bath without any hard plastics making it uncomfortable or sliding around too much with his little wiggles. But at this point the best part for us is how easily it stores. It folds up flat and hangs on the inside of our linen closet with a simple hook which I love. It's stowed away and doesn't tak up any space which is awesome! 

After using this bather several times, we became really frustrated trying to unfold it  for bath time. It would get stuck and then not stay in place. Also, the more Finn wiggled and became more mobile it would slide in the tub. It stores great and is a space saver, but unfortunately it just didn't work well enough for us to keep it or recommend it to friends. 

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