Saturday, April 25, 2015

oh joy! strawberry pickin'

I love being able to have family days every week. We typically spend our Friday's doing a fun family activity which we love because usually things aren't nearly as busy as they are on the weekends. Here in coastal North Carolina it’s berry season and the first crop of the year is strawberries. 

Now I'll be completely honest, Kensi didn't want much to do with the strawberries because she was mad the blueberries weren't ready. As you can guess blueberries are the bomb and rule over every other berry. So at the berry farm Little Miss Sassy Pants was just sassy, but I know she still enjoyed it. Once we got into the fields, Kensi was extremely particular {and others around us probably thought we were being berry snobs} about which ones to pick. She made sure they were the reddest of the red, they couldn’t have any spots and no green or white coloring was allowed.

After we filled our bucket we headed over to their ice cream counter. They make delicious homemade ice-cream in seasonal flavors including strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Kensi is just like her daddy and opted for chocolate. Finn was trying his hardest to snag a taste of my ice cream and as adorable as his reaction to something new would be, he’s still just too little, but I can’t wait for him to try it later.

I was very excited to get fresh berries. We have a few different recipes we're wanting to try and since we pick the berries ourselves it keeps the price low. I was also super excited to use my Oh Joy Solly baby wrap since getting it in the mail this week. When I first saw the print I melted into a million pieces of a pattern love puddle. It's so beautiful and perfect for spring and summer! And shhh I even got one for Kensi's birthday in June so she can carry her baby dolls. 

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