Tuesday, April 28, 2015

fabulous finds: a better toddler seat

As many parents go through the lovely journey of potty training, we often find ourselves torn between the lesser of two evils when it comes to potty chairs; the not so charming character splashed portable seat that sits on top of the toilet or the separate chair that lives in the corner of the bathroom. I opted for the 'live in corner' one and I quickly regretted that decision after the first time our daughter pooped in it. Sure we were celebrating because she finally pooped in the potty, but I neglected to think about the cleaning process and trust me, that was not fun. Not at all. If you really think about it, the whole separate potty chair thing is such a scam. Sure you can teach your kid to do their business in something other than a diaper, but now you have to re-train them again to go on the actual toilet. Ugh, it’s just frustrating.

We ended up just putting Kensi on the ‘big’ toilet and she learned from there, but she still has a hard time balancing her body on her own...you know...trying not to fall in. A couple months ago while we were in Raleigh doing some shopping at the mall, Kensi had to use the bathroom and we were so glad to learn they had family bathrooms. The setup was surreal for a bathroom. It had an adult size and kid size for everything a bathroom should have. Of course Kensi loved using the bathroom because it had a ‘baby’ toilet just for her and she wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. And I mean weeks. She would consistently bring it up during any conversation and be very matter of fact that she indeed needed a baby toilet in her bathroom because she was tiny. Well my dad is a plumber and Kensi made it her mission to let Grandpa know all about the little baby toilets. {We’re really going into depth about toilets today aren’t we....lol so sorry!} 

Around Easter my dad called and informed us that we needed to keep an eye out for a package he had sent and that it was something more for Kensi and Finn. Now you know how grandparents can be, they like to spoil grandkids, so Mike and I thought we should be prepared for a baby toilet. Well the package came....and it was small. No way this could be a toilet we thought. Then we opened it. And what do you know...it was a toilet seat. 

But this is the genius part.....it has the adult seat, a child seat and then the lid. {You can find a similar one here}. No more characters! No more clean up! No more falling into the bowl! It’s the perfect thing for our family right now and we don’t have to deal with storing it anywhere because you know me and storage around here.  Kensi loves her toilet {seat} and it just works. I’m telling you, I’ve never seen a kid so excited to use the bathroom before. If you’re interested in one for your home, check your home improvement stores or you can find one on Amazon in the link above. Just remember to get the one that will fit your seat at home, whether it be round or elongated.
Happy seat shopping! 

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