Monday, April 20, 2015


This past week we planned a last minute trip up to Maryland to visit friends and stop by my old preschool for their Spring Fling. We had beautiful weather and were able to spend a lot of time outside. We even had the chance to take Kensi to Georgetown Cupcakes, a frequent stop we made when we lived in the DC area a few years ago. We also spent time with one of my former students and his family. Kensi had so much fun and we can’t wait to visit again soon!

Kensi tried cotton candy for the first time, it was a definite win in her book! She was hesitant as first, but once she realized the fun texture and oh yeah the instant sugar part...she was sold!

One of our all time favorite places to eat in Maryland is Beef ’N Buns in Paradise in Frederick. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about it before, but it’s that good. There’s only picnic tables to sit at and when we went it was packed so we opted to chow down in the car. It’s so ridiculously good, we go every time we’re back.

Our friends have the same stroller as we do, Baby Jogger City Select. It’s a dream stroller. Our friends have twin boys and while we have the two kiddos, it’s awesome in the way it converts. I’m always hesitate of being in the way of others with strollers in general, but Tiffany totally owned it. She gave me so much more confidence and I know I can strut our stuff with our stroller now, without any apologies. Mamas gotta get places and get things done! 

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