Saturday, January 16, 2016

a late first birthday

I have to admit, with Finn's birthday being in December I was not at all prepared to plan it with all the holiday festivities. It slipped right through my fingers and I hope it's the last time it happens. Fortunately, it was his first birthday and he won't remember my lack of planning. 
To make up for it we planned to celebrate back in Nebraska with family, but there just wasn't a good a day and we had so much going on including his baptism. So we celebrated with our little family once we were back home and settled in. We had a birthday brunch with bagels, chocolate croissants, muffins and of course cake. We kept it simple and fun which was a big difference compared to Kensi's first birthday blowout party. But I loved this small celebration and it was perfect for us. 

The kids loved the breakfast food and Finn very much enjoyed smashing into his whip creamed top caramel chocolate cake! Happy first birthday our sweet Finnley, we love you so much more than we could have ever imagined! 

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