Thursday, January 7, 2016

new year

This week is just boring, full of unpacking, laundry, finally taking down Christmas decor and a struggle to get everyone back into our normal schedule. The house is a complete wreck with piles of clothes in every room, some clean and some dirty. We are so happy to be back at home, but we've also had a few meltdowns due to not being at grandmas and grandpas houses anymore. 
With the new year, I say it every time, I can't believe it's January and here we are again starting a new one. Unbelievable.
Our babies are growing so fast I feel like I can't keep up. There are a few things we hope to accomplish this year. Of course a few home projects such as more built in organization will be coming and I'm so excited! But even more so than home projects we are going to focus on our little family. We've never taken a family trip with just our little family. We're always traveling to visit grandparents or other family so this year it's going to be for us. More family fun exploring our city on our Fridays since it's our official day off and Mike and I getting back into the workout routine. We actually started a few days ago and I'm still so sore from yoga! We're also trying to be cleaner eaters and began overhauling our pantry and replaced our pantry goods with healthier alternatives like wheat flour, almond flour and raw sugar. 
To keep the overhaul going, we're planning on having a garage sale this spring to really declutter and simplify our lives and home. We also have new things  to share coming up soon! We can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us  for we know we will make it a great year, Happy New Year!!! 

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