Friday, January 15, 2016

family breakfast date

Fridays are my favorite day of the week with our little family. We all get the day off and use the day to do grocery shopping and of course plan some family fun. We make Friday our family date day most weeks and a date can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or sometimes more than more. It's a day we love to spend at the pool during the summer or the park in the spring. We can do several different things much easier because most people are still working and kids are in school. 
Today we spent the morning on a breakfast date. We tried somewhere new, a place full of sweet and savory crepes, so delicious! 
Neither Mike or I have ever had a crepe, I know you would think we were born in a barn! We've had good intentions on going to this particular place, but just haven't taken the time to do so. Kensi was a little hesitate about it in the beginning just like she is with most new places; we each put in our orders and waited for our fun creations to arrive. Kensi seemed bored while waiting and continued to ask questions about the restaurant, like why we couldn't sit in the party room and why were the tables red. After a few short minutes the kind waitress brought out the most beautiful breakfast plates our eyes had laid upon, after all it was nearly 11am and we were all starving. When Kensi's sweet little eyes saw the Nutella and Strawberry stuffed crepe drizzled with chocolate her jaw dropped and eyes grew to the point we thought just maybe they would pop out of her head. I have never seen her this excited over food, not even a cupcake. Halfway through her crepe she leaned over and whispered, 'Mama, I really love this place!' Of course said with a chocolate rimmed grin. To much to our surprise Kensi wasn't the only one excited about breakfast, Finn began making 'mmmmm' noises and hitting the table top! I think it's safe to say both of our kiddos have some major sweet teeth. 
I also went sweet with my crepe like Kensi and ordered the St. Tropez filled with bananas and peaches and drizzled with caramel. Crazy crazy good. Mike went savory with his egg, bacon and cheese filled crepe and it was just as delicious. 
An awesome staff who are all beyond generous with their kindness, mouthwatering food to hit anyone's palate, we definitely found another gem which will become one of our regular spots for breakfast! 

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