Thursday, January 28, 2016

cozy family space

I'm so excited for this spring because we are finally in a place where we can update our furniture in our living room. Any kind of shopping gets me excited, but furniture shopping brings it to a whole new level because it can drastically change a room. 
Our current family room is very drab and sad. I love the color gray, but it's everywhere and we desperately need some contrast. We're slowly painting our walls a lighter shade of gray to bring in more light. The small amount that we've changed has already made a difference of light bouncing off the wall with the sheer change of flat paint finish to an eggshell finish. 
But back to the furniture...I know I'm crazy for wanting a light colored couch with littles, but the truth is if we chose a dark colored fabric we would still see stuff on it. Even our taupe colored couch shows every little spill, drool and crumb. The trick is finding something that can be easily cleaned in my opinion. I can't wait to get this process underway and waiting for our pieces to finally arrive is going to be torture, but until then I'm filling my Pinterest boards with inspiration.

 Although I think I want to choose a light fabric, I'm swooning over the white walls and darker furniture. 

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