Monday, August 8, 2016

on to the next project

More like projectS! This past week has kept me away as we're trying to tie up loose ends before we have the baby. We spent a much needed, relaxing weekend with our little fam a couple weeks ago and spent this past weekend with friends and dealing with contractions most of Sunday. However, once she makes her debut we are ready to dive into more projects. The girls' room and Finn's room are on hold until after baby girl is born as it could be any day. We still have a few items to pick up for all of them, but thankfull the list is getting shorter...

Order Rugs
Build Cubbies
Buy girls' dresser
Buy Bins
Put in Closet Organization 
Hang Girls’ mirror
Prime & Paint Girls’ Room
Prime & Paint Finn’s Ceiling
Move Dressers

So what's the next project on our major to do list? We have two. Mike will be working on one and I'll be working on the other. They will take us several weeks to complete so I hope I can share some progress photos with all of you through Instagram & SnapChat (rachbraden) as I'll be busy taking care of a newborn and our two other kiddos. 
Mike will be working on building our built-ins next to our faux fireplace and I will be attempting to paint our kitchen cabinets and finally add hardware! It’s shocking to some people that we still haven’t put hardware up, but our cabinets are a dark laminate at the moment and the only thing that would really pop would be chrome or nickel, neither of which we were fond of knowing we wanted to paint the cabinets. 
Our built-ins should be fairly simple (we both hope!!!) as Mike will build the cabinet box and we'll order our cabinet doors. At this point we plan to lay a wood top and paint everything white to match the fireplace. We will also add shelves up to the ceiling. 
We've been discussing our kitchen cabinets for over a year now and since we're lightening everything up with very light grays and whites, we're doing a two-toned kitchen. We are thinking about painting our bottom cabinets dark(er) and painting the uppers white. We eventually hope to take the uppers down and re-configure & replace them to allow for open shelving on either side of our stove/oven. We also want to take the microwave out and put in a hood because neither one of us can stand having the microwave where it is. We hate that it takes away head room while cooking. 
As for hardware we haven't quite made up our mind, but we're leaning towards brass hardware, especially with darker lower cabinets. I continue to go back and forth between different pulls so my Pinterest board is overflowing with hardware inspiration. This kitchen cabinet project could be a total disaster or turn out great. All I know, is I'd love to have it done before Halloween. Fingers crossed and wish us luck! 

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